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Landscape Design

This course is designed to introduce students to horticultural science with emphasis on technical skills in designing, construction, and maintenance of planted areas and devices for the beautification of home grounds and other areas of human habitation and recreation.  Students are also given an opportunity to develop leadership skills through the FFA organization.


Syllabus Shalley Boles 11/16/2015 40 KB
Parts of a Plant Shalley Boles 1/18/2017 2088 KB
Soil Shalley Boles 2/3/2017 997 KB
Landscape Tools Shalley Boles 4/26/2017 3140 KB
Plant Installation Shalley Boles 5/23/2017 10496 KB
Engine Strokes Shalley Boles 10/4/2017 5600 KB
Plant Selection Shalley Boles 12/1/2017 868 KB
Principles of Design Shalley Boles 12/1/2017 873 KB
Color Concepts In Landscape Shalley Boles 12/1/2017 2372 KB
Planning the Design Shalley Boles 12/1/2017 1644 KB
Forms Project Example Shalley Boles 12/12/2017 26164 KB



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