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AET Information

What?: An SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) is a practical application of classroom concepts designed to provide “real world” experiences and develop skills in agriculturally related career areas. SAE program consist of planned activities conducted outside of class time designed to gain hands-on experience and develop skills in agricultural career areas that interest you.

Why?: Every students enrolled an Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources course are required by the Texas Education Agency (Chapter 130) to develop an improved supervised agriculture experience program as it relates to agriculture, food, and natural resources. The student is expected to:

-plan, propose, conduct, and evaluate entrepreneurship; placement; exploratory; research, either experimental or analytical; improvement; supplementary; laboratory-based; or other identified, supervised agricultural experience as an experiential learning activity;

        - apply proper record-keeping skills as they relate to a supervised experience;

- design and use a customized record-keeping system for the individual supervised experience;

- participate in youth leadership opportunities to create a well-rounded experience program in agriculture; and

        - produce a challenging approach for a local program of activities in agriculture

When?: Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resource students at Plano West Senior High will be required to complete a minimum of two SAE hours per six-weeks grading period.

Grade?: Each nine-week grading period the students SAE hours and documentation will be counted as a test grade.

Due Dates?:            

          Check with classroom teacher for exact dates.

Requirements?: Students will be required to turn in an SAE proposal and an SAE agreement with a parent signature at the beginning of each six weeks. The SAE should be recorded in an online record book system ( by the due date each six weeks. A photo will be included in the record book. The student will also do a one minute presentation to their class about their SAE. The SAE project must occur outside of class with supervision of a parent, employer, teacher, or another type of supervisor.

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