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This course examines the importance of wildlife and outdoor recreation with emphasis on using wildlife and natural resources. Also included in the course are sections covering boater education, angler education, and hunter education. Students are also given the opportunity to develop leadership skills through the FFA organization. 


Syllabus Shalley Boles 11/16/2015 42 KB
History of Wildlife Management Shalley Boles 9/7/2016 3157 KB
Habitats Shalley Boles 9/7/2016 1062 KB
Fish ID Powerpoint Shalley Boles 2/1/2018 1119 KB
Fishing Equiptment Shalley Boles 2/28/2018 1396 KB
Parts of a Fish Shalley Boles 2/28/2018 410 KB
Managing Freshwater Fish Shalley Boles 2/28/2018 1242 KB
Fish Unit Review Key Shalley Boles 2/28/2018 517 KB



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