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Livestock Production

This course develops knowledge and skills pertaining to selection, nutrition, reproduction, health and management of production livestock while exploring career opportunities in Animal Science.  Students are also given the opportunity to develop leadership skills through the FFA organization. 


Syllabus Shalley Boles 11/16/2015 42 KB
Entering your SAE Shalley Boles 9/7/2016 671 KB
Livestock Domestication/Importance Shalley Boles 9/7/2016 1923 KB
Animal Terminology Shalley Boles 9/7/2016 445 KB
Livestock Digestion Shalley Boles 2/1/2018 1954 KB
Cattle Management Shalley Boles 3/7/2018 2462 KB
Cow Calf Operations Shalley Boles 3/7/2018 580 KB
Beef Breeds Shalley Boles 3/7/2018 27677 KB
Judging Beef Cattle Shalley Boles 3/7/2018 4358 KB
Beef Cattle Test Review Key Shalley Boles 3/8/2018 15 KB
Swine Management Shalley Boles 4/3/2018 4444 KB
Ear Notching Shalley Boles 4/3/2018 81 KB
Sheep PPT Shalley Boles 4/26/2018 28224 KB
Wool PPT Shalley Boles 4/26/2018 1578 KB
Sheep Test Review Key Shalley Boles 4/30/2018 18 KB
Reproduction Shalley Boles 5/11/2018 2184 KB



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