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Ag Mech
This course is designed to develop an understanding of agricultural mechanics as it relates to safety and skills in tool operation, electrical wiring, plumbing, carpentry, fencing, concrete, and metal working techniques. Students will also receive their 10 Hour OSHA Safety Certification as a part of this class


Tool ID Study Notes Shalley Boles 1/18/2017 2266 KB
OSHA Due Dates Spring Shalley Boles 1/18/2017 15 KB
Ag Mech SAE Essay Options Shalley Boles 10/17/2017 33 KB
MIG welding Shalley Boles 5/22/2018 9172 KB
Wood Types Shalley Boles 5/22/2018 4727 KB
Sketching and Drawing Shalley Boles 5/22/2018 360 KB



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